About Us


From the bedroom to the classroom to the boardroom, you are vulnerable. Lives and careers are ruined by the exposure of the information on your smartphone. Backed by over a dozen patents, Vysk is a high tech company that provides uncompromised mobile security that fits seamlessly into your life.

Vysk believes you should be able to share what you want, when you want. It’s time to take back control.

Vysk protection guards your mobile device — your business and your personal information at the same time.


Founded in 2013, and dedicated to the proposition that individuals everywhere have a right to privacy, Vysk’s mission is to restore and redefine privacy in the Digital Age. Central to that mission is our belief that mobile communications are only truly secure if they incorporate elements of hardware protection to nullify the increasingly sophisticated attacks on software. This belief has sustained us as we developed our patented QS1 Privacy Case, a revolutionary technology poised to disrupt the privacy industry.

We call both San Antonio, Texas, and San Francisco, California our home, blending the perfect amount of the California technology vibe with a touch of Texas determination and passion. This formula resulted in a group of people passionate about creating innovative privacy technology that delivers industry-leading protection.


Modern telecommunication technologies have made the world a smaller place, and the QS1’s revolutionary patented hardware and software solution secures it. Calls are encrypted end-to-end and completely private – jammed with evolutionary hardware and indecipherable to anyone listening into your calls or meetings.

The vulnerability of smartphones lies in their software, which is susceptible to malware. Our solution overcomes this issue by combining hardware and software security components.

Vysk Communications holds over a dozen patents (some granted in less than three months) related to privacy, security and encryption. We use our encryption and embedded hardware to also secure your camera, your texts, your photos, and more.

Vysk’s commitment to privacy doesn’t end there though. It is only the beginning. Utilizing our patented encryption algorithms, one-time pass code technology, and innovative embedded hardware, Vysk has developed a network architecture and platform that meets the needs of small to large businesses, large scale enterprise clients, governments and NGO’s and can integrate easily within the current structure of most companies, or be hosted in the Vysk Privacy Network.


Vysk is made up of innovative, passionate, brilliant and privacy-minded people dedicated to designing solutions for everyday, and for broader privacy concerns. Our engineers have created privacy solutions that intuitively integrate sophisticated technology into everyday life.