Top 10 Best Electronic Foreign Language Translators | Smart Voice Translators Reviews

There are times you want to travel abroad, but you do not because of the language barrier. Similarly, if your job needs you to interact with foreign clients, you need an instant translator. There are high-quality electronic foreign language translators available that can translate multiple languages.

Some of them can translate as many as 100 languages and that too instantly with superior accuracy. They are also compatible with Android and iOS devices. Check out the following list of the top 10 best electronic foreign language translators | and smart voice translators below to choose from.

List of Top 10 Best Electronic Foreign Language Translators | Smart Voice Translators – Reviews and Buying Guide

WT2 Electronic Foreign Language Translators

Wooask Language Translator Device W10 Portable Real-time Voice Translation in 138 Different Languages and Accents for Learning, Travel, Business and Daily Tasks
  • 【Two-way translation accuracy up to 97% 】It is a high-tech invention of Wooask that enables simultaneous communication with other people, regardless of the language they speak.This two-way language translator recognized 127 languages and accents, including several dialects of Spanish, Chinese, and English.
  • 【Fast AI Translator】 The translation system of AI translator is based on the combination of 4 powerful search engines: Google, Microsoft and Nuance, rendering it one of the world's fastest and powerful translator with response time less than 0.5 seconds (faster than a human interpreter); Ultra-high translating accuracy for complicated sentences with 97% test accuracy.
  • 【HD Image Translation】 Large 3.0 inch TFT(IPS) highly sensitive color HD touch-screen provides full readability for voice to text. Wooask translator support photo translation in 42 languages. Both print/handwritten fonts can be recognized. You can understand the text correspondingly in one shot.
  • 【Supreme Long Battery Life & Fast Charge】 1500mAh high quality battery makes it continuous work for 8 hours, standby for a week. It only needs 1-2 hour to be fully charged. The translation device is best travel gadget companion and easily slips into your pocket without being bulky so you can take it wherever you want to go.

This foreign language translator has the ability to support 40 languages as well as 88 accents. This comes in a wireless design, and it lets you have better convenience. Moreover, this is very easy to use, and you can even select from multiple modes. Furthermore, it has the ability to deliver 95% accuracy, and this can translate faster so that you can save time.

It works with the help of Bluetooth connection and is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices. Additionally, this is a quality product and delivers high performance. It lets you have real-time translation and comes in an earbud design. It comes in a smart design and lets you make the most out of it.


  • Supports 40 languages and 88 accents.
  • Can even select from multiple modes.
  • Real-time translation with earbud design.


  • There is no negative point.

CM Smart Instant Language Translator

Cheetah CM Smart Instant Language Translator Device Portable Foreign Language Real-Time 2-Way Translations [Support 42 Languages/Voice Operated]
  • Microsoft Ai - Powerful and reliable Microsoft based Ai Translation Engine provides extremely accurate and instant translations with an innovative and advanced cloud processing system. Talk, translate, learn, and create new friendships.
  • Multi-language Translation - Get the pairing App and access many popular languages, i.e English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and more. (Note: a mobile App is required for use).
  • Superior Battery - Ultra-long performance and superior battery life. Up to 180 days of standby time and a full 2 weeks of use. Translate, laugh, and learn longer with an all-around greater battery performance.
  • 2-Way Instant Translation - Enjoy and practice conversations in a different language easily and quickly with instant 2-way translation. Back-and-forth translation allows quicker learning and more entertaining conversations with friends and strangers.
  • Trustworth reliability – with years of engineering effort devoted, this Cheetahtalk translator can be your reliable travel companion.

If you are looking to have an instant and easy translation of language, then this can be the right one for you. This supports two-way translation, and you can easily use it for almost 42 languages. Furthermore, this is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, and it lets you have a hassle-free operation.

You will only have to press the button and witness instant translation. Moreover, the product comes in a compact design and has a powerful battery that can last for a long time. Additionally, this can be an ideal way to make new friendships, and its features cloud-based AI translation.


  • Two-way translation with 42 languages.
  • Instant translation and easy operation.
  • Powerful battery for long-lasting life.


  • There is no such cons.

 Smart Voice Translator by Nynicorny

Translator Device Smart Voice Translator Photo Translation Bluetooth Support 44 Languages for Travel Abroad Learning Shopping Business Chat Recording Translations (T8) (Black)
  • Languages Translator: This voice language translator can support 44 languages translation, it is with two-way translation, and the voice function is clear and smooth, easy to meet your multilingual translation needs so that you can achieve transnational communication smoothly.
  • Instant Translation: The language translator device responds with 99%accuracy, It can be used to communicate face to face, and solve communication obstacles.It is simple and elegant design.
  • Bluetooth Support:You need to install the app‘uTranslate' on your mobile phone via the QR of package or manual. (It is compatible with iOS and Android phones), and then connect the device with the mobile phone Bluetooth to start real-time translation, The translator device allows wireless transmission distance up to 10 meters, and the distance of voice recognition is 1 meters.
  • Exquisite & Portable: The smart voice translator with small volume and easy to carry, low power consumption, which is more suitable for traveling, working, learning new languages, going shopping, meet foreign friends, practice pronunciation and so on.
  • New Translation Technology: This voice language translator owns the newest translating system, more accurate. Translator device is small and convenient, easy to hold.

Equipped with a powerful Bluetooth system, this language translator will let you translate 44 languages. It lets you have smooth communication, and you do not have to worry about waiting. Moreover, it has 99% accuracy and comes in an elegant design.

Furthermore, this can be ideal to have face-to-face communication and helps to remove the barriers of language. The product comes in a lightweight design so that you can take it anywhere you want. Additionally, it features New Translation Technology that delivers superior performance.


  • 99% accuracy with 44 languages.
  • Includes New Translation Technology.
  • Light in weight and superior performance.


  • The average rating is low.

Electronic Foreign Language Translators by Buoth

Are you looking to have a flawless conversation in any language? With the ability to support 106 languages, this foreign language translator delivers superior performance. It comes in a handy design, and it can be perfect for different applications. Moreover, you can take it anywhere you want it and its features an OCR camera for photo translation.

This has instant voice translation, and it features a noise-reduction microphone for user advantage. Furthermore, it has better accuracy and is very easy to use. Additionally, it features a color touchscreen of 2.4 inches and is a multifunctional product.


  • Supports 106 different languages.
  • OCR camera for photo translation.
  • Instant voice translation for accuracy.


  • Does not work in a crowded environment.

Pocketalk Language Translator Device

Pocketalk Classic Language Translator Device - Portable Two-Way Voice Interpreter - 82 Language Smart Translations in Real Time (Gold)
  • Built In Two Year Data Plan: Travel and communicate confidently in 133 countries – Pocketalk’s built-in data plan translates conversations anywhere internet signal is available.
  • Translation Accuracy: Swearwords, jargon and slang languages often contain cultural features and do not always have equivalent translation in the target language.
  • Dependable Real Time Translator: Our translating device accesses translation engines as you speak to break down language barriers instantly and accurately.
  • Multi-language, Two-Way Voice Translator: Travel to foreign countries and communicate authentically with someone that speaks a different language with the Pocketalk Translator Device. Our voice translator device can translate up to 82 languages seamlessly with more on the way allowing you to build a deeper connection and fully immerse yourself in any situation.

Available in a portable design, this electronic foreign language translator will let you have superior convenience. It can be an ideal item for having effective communication with foreign countries, and it supports 74 languages. Additionally, this will let you use it from anywhere you want, and it is a highly dependable product.

It is very easy to use as it has a two-way voice interpreter. Furthermore, this will not disappoint you when it comes to performance and features noise-canceling microphones for providing you with outstanding results. Moreover, it has interactive touchscreen navigation and comes with improved accuracy.


  • Supports 74 different languages.
  • Features two-way voice interpreter.
  • Includes noise-canceling microphones.


  • Cannot pick up the conversation in a meeting.

Smart Voice Translator Device by Buoth

The touch screen feature of the electronic foreign language translator will let you have a hassle-free operation. It is suitable for a wide range of applications and can support 82 languages. This will let you have instant voice translation and features a large screen of 2.4 inches. Moreover, this comes in a portable design allowing you to take it anywhere you want.

Furthermore, this is highly functional and lets you have better convenience. Additionally, this is very useful, and it comes with wide compatibility. You will only have to connect it to Wi-Fi which eliminates the need for having a SIM card. It delivers cost-effective performance and can be your perfect travel companion.


  • Features a large screen for better readability.
  • Supports 82 languages with wide compatibility
  • Can connect it to Wi-Fi.


  • There is no cons at all.

Birgus Language Translator Device

Language Translator Device Charging Cable 2A Micro USB Charger Cable
  • Two-way transmission, higher efficiency - fast connection, fast, efficient and safe charging, more stable use, help reduce signal interference, and ensure stable transmission and charging
  • Two-way transmission, higher efficiency - fast connection, fast, efficient and safe charging, more stable use, help reduce signal interference, and ensure stable transmission and charging
  • Environmentally friendly material - the wire is made of TPE material, which is comfortable to the touch, the wire is thick, and it is not easy to be entangled and knotted
  • Compatible with multiple devices - compatible with electronic products that adapt to the USB interface

With the ability to deliver two-way translation, this one supports multiple languages. The electronic foreign language translator comes with a camera that lets you have better convenience. Moreover, it is suitable for a wide range of applications and is very easy to use. Furthermore, it has high accuracy and also supports photo translation so that you can make the most out of it.

The product has character recognition, and you can even use it for recording translation. Additionally, it comes in a smart design as it has a touch screen and you can have improved portability due to its lightweight construction.


  • Two-way translation with multiple languages.
  • Includes camera for photo translation.
  • Smart design with a touch screen.


  • It is a relatively new product.

Pocketalk Language Translator Device

Pocketalk S Two-Way Voice Translator with Built-in Data (Gold)
  • Dependable Real Time Translator : Accurately translate up to 82 languages and dialects in the palm of your hand using the best transcription and translation engines in our library. With frequent software updates, the latest in technology is always at your fingertips
  • Camera & Image Translation : Read signs, menus and the written text in a snap. Pocketalk camera takes a photo and the large touchscreen displays translated text directly on top of the image along with an optional audio translation.
  • Translate Anytime Anywhere : Pocketalk S comes with a complimentary 2-year LTE cellular data plan for usage in over 130 countries. With wider mobile bands than Pocketalk Classic, expect improved connectivity no matter where you travel. Note: Internet is needed for translation and it will not work offline.
  • Added Security: With PIN locks and ability to set timed automatic history deletion, you've can translate with the ease of knowing your conversations will be protected.
  • Realtime currency, length, weight and temperature conversion as well as a practice pronuncation mode & added security measure makes Pocketalk the translator of choice, as seen on the cover of Newsweek, Rolling Stones, CNET, Wall Street Journal & many more

With this foreign language translator, you can receive two-year data plans that let you use it conveniently. It has the ability to support multiple languages as it comes in a highly functional design. Moreover, this is very easy to use and can be highly dependable during the time of emergency.

Furthermore, this can break down the language difficulty instantly and has improved accuracy. Additionally, it supports two-way voice translation and comes in a portable design. This is from a popular brand and can be your ultimate travel companion. You will feel like having a real-time conversation, and it eliminates the barriers of language.


  • Highly functional and ergonomic design.
  • Instant translation with accuracy.
  • Highly portable two-way voice translation.


  • The average rating is not encouraging.

Birgus Smart Voice Translator Device

Vavus Language Translator Device - Built-in Data Plan -Sim Card, WiFi & Offline Translation - 109 Languages and dialects, Bluetooth for Earbuds, Instant Two-Way Voice Translator and Photo Translation
  • Clear, Real time and Accurate Translation - While Other instant translator devices can’t translate many different languages, the Vavus 4G Translation device features 109 languages and dialects while providing high accuracy and fast speed. It's like having a handheld dictionary in your pocket.
  • We Value Your Priorities - If you love traveling and love learning new cultures, we designed the most efficient Portable Instant Voice Translator. Imagine speaking sentences understood by almost 90% of the world population. If you aren’t completely happy with your 4G Translators, our US-based customer service will take care of you either through phone or email.
  • Our mission is to build high-end translators devices for all languages at an affordable price - We are an American family business. Our products are tested by language experts. The Vavus Pocket Translator is built in collaboration with top language software enterprises in Automatic Speech Recognition, Machine Translation, and text-to-speech to provide a 98% accurate two-way language translation and to become an instant translator device that covers all your travel or business needs.
  • For the People, By the People – We take pride in designing the most complete device for all your needs. Connect with our worldwide SIM card and use the device from almost anywhere in the world. Our SIM Card comes with credit good for two years. Just follow the easy steps provided in the package to activate the sim card. The Vavus Translator features a loud sound system, large touchscreen, Bluetooth to connect to EarPods and a camera to translate street signs, documents, or restaurant menus.
  • A Perfect Gift with the ability to record up to one hour and with the ability to connect to any other Vavus Language Translator, anywhere in the world, to create a conference between many people that speak different languages and have a multi-lingual group chat. You can also calculate the foreign exchange rate or do an electronic unit conversation into local dimensions simply by scrolling through the many features the device has to offer.

Supporting multiple languages, this foreign language translator comes with hassle-free operation. It has a touchscreen of 2.4 inches and has an elegant look. Moreover, this will let you have a better visual experience, and it can instantly translate without wasting your time. Furthermore, this is made of high-quality material and includes a noise-reduction microphone for superior performance.

Additionally, this can accurately translate the language in any kind of environment, and it can be an ideal product to make foreign friends. The product can be perfect for different applications as you can use it if you are a professional or even if you are a student.


  • Touchscreen for easy operation.
  • Includes noise reduction microphone.
  • Perfect for professional application.


  • The durability is questionable.

Electronic Foreign Language Translators by Jarvisen

Jarvisen Language Translator Device with Unlimited 2-Year Global Data (No WiFi Need) 200+ Countries 95+% Accuracy Instant Real-time Voice Translation & Offline Translation w/Bluetooth & 4G/LTE (Blue)
  • 📲95+% Accurate Voice Recognition&Translation: 2-way language translator device. 60 different languages including dialects covering over 200 countries. Professional vocabulary in healthcare, IT, finance, legal, sports, & energy. Offline language translator available for English-Chinese, Japanese-Chinese, Korean-Chinese, & Russian-Chinese. The first end-to-end contextual smart AI translation engine with polysemy recognition and translation capability.
  • 📲Real-time instant translator device(<0.5s): The world's fastest response time in less than 0.5s(faster than a human translator). Fast processing speed powered by a 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The only voice translator on the market with a 4-mic far-field microphone array with smart noise reduction which enables high accuracy voice recognition from a distance in a noisy environment.
  • 📲No Wifi Nedded W/ 2-Year Unlimited Data Worldwide: Built-in global data coverage in 98 countries worldwide. Translator device is embedded with eSIM technology, NO physical SIM card needed. Supports connections via 4G/LTE, Wifi, Bluetooth, Mobile Hotspot, and Nano SIM card. Lightning Internet connection enabled by a global Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • 📲Hi-Res Touch Screen & Dual Speakers: 3.5 inch 800x480 high-resolution LCD touch display. Two high-fidelity speakers. Pocket size slim design. Lightweight durable premium enclosure. 2500mAh rechargeable battery supports up to 8 hours for continuous translation. Pocket talk translator also includes a premium leather protection case, a Type-C (USB-C) charging cable, & a wall charger.
  • 📲Universal Use Cases: [1] Jarvisen language translator for travelers, [2] Translation device for healthcare providers & patients, [3] Translators devices for 200 languages for retailers, lawyers, businesses, law enforcement, & more, [4] For teachers & students. | 30-day money back guarantee. 1-year manufacturer warranty. Free lifetime technical support from our support team located in San Francisco, California (Available M-F 8AM-5PM PST).

Providing you with wide coverage, this electronic foreign language translation machine can support 60 languages. This is a highly useful product and comes with superior accuracy. Moreover, you can easily use it for professional purposes, and it comes with a microphone that has better voice recognition.

Furthermore, this is very easy to use and includes a large screen for better response. Additionally, you only have to connect it to the internet and get yourself covered with the Content Delivery Network. It does not require any Wi-Fi connectivity as this can also do offline translation. This is a reliable product and allows you to save money.


  • Supports 60 languages with superior accuracy.
  • Comes with a microphone for better voice recognition.
  • Supports offline translation with a Wi-Fi connection.


  • There is no drawback at all.

Buying Guide for Electronic Foreign Language Translators | Smart Voice Translators

Check out the following list of buying parameters when you buy the product.

Language Compatibility

The primary thing that you need to keep in mind is language compatibility. Some of it can have the ability to support over 100 languages. However, this is completely a user preference, and you see if it supports the language that you require. Apart from this, you will also have to see the type of translation and then make your buy.

Size and Performance

Always go for the one that comes in a compact design. Your electronic foreign language translator has to be portable enough that allows you to take it anywhere you want. Look for one that supports two-way audio and includes a microphone that has the ability to reduce noise. Select the one that is compatible with multiple types of operating systems and translates instantly.

Easy to Operate

Look for one that comes in a user-friendly design. For this, you need to see if it comes with a large touchscreen. Some of it can also come with a camera that can translate written works. You need to see that it comes with easy controls.


This is one of the most important features that you need to see while buying an electronic foreign language translator. The accuracy has to be a minimum of 90%, and it must also be able to detect different types of accents.

Battery Life

If you are looking to have efficient performance, look for one that comes with a powerful battery. The larger battery life will be an ideal preference as it allows you to use it for extended hours.


There are different types of electronic foreign language translators available to choose from. You need to be specific about your requirements like the languages you want to translate, the need for a high-quality microphone, and likewise.

Therefore, the above-mentioned buying guide is provided so that you can understand and distinguish the products based on the parameters and choose the best one that can fulfill your requirements.

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